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CNC Turning and Screw Machining custom parts manufacturer


 As a custom manufacturer of high volume precision machined parts Lusk  Quality Machine Products is fully equipped to serve you. Our service  capabilities include CNC milling, precision turning, and a complete  range of secondary operations and outside processes like:  passivating,  heat treating, plating, soldering, and more.  Registered to ISO9001  since 2003; whatever your needs, all of us at Lusk Quality Machine  Products welcome the opportunity to put our expertise and superior  craftsmanship to work for you. 

CNC Machining Services


 With 8 axis machines and equipped  with live tooling and pallet changers, your complex parts can come off  the machine complete.  Efficiency that produces your parts quicker and  less expensive than the competition. 

Swiss CNC Machining


 Swiss machining offers the benefit  of milling products combined with the benefits of turning.  Lusk  Quality Machine Products offers competitive pricing for Swiss jobs and  can complete your project from concept to creation. 

Screw Machine: Single Spindle


 With over 30 years’ experience in  screw machining, our single spindle Brown & Sharpe machines are able  to produce a variety of products for a wide range of markets.  Our  machines are suited to run jobs from ½” diameter to 2-3/8” diameter  capacity.  

Screw Machine Services: Multi-Spindle


 Multi spindle screw machines are  the backbone of our business.  Our machines have produced components  that end up in everything from toys and airbags to plumbing and computer  servers 

Secondary Operations



In order to produce quality  precision parts, quality machines and techniques are developed.  LQMP  uses a wide range of secondary operations machines to finish parts to  customer requirements. 

Secondary operations offered by LQMP include: Broaching, Sawing, Drilling, Vibrahone and Assembly.



 Our dedication as a custom  manufacturer, we have a in house Engineering and Tooling Department   with the ability to create any needed tooling for each project. 

Outside Process Partners


 The ability to produce  successfully does not happen by chance.  We partner with only the best  in outside processes that share LQMPs same commitment to quality.